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About the HCU Transport company



HCU Transport is a company that sells car parts. Our headquarters are located in Łowyń, but our offer is addressed to clients from all over the country and the European Union. Thanks to many years of experience in importing and selling parts, we provide services at the highest level. All our products are made of high-quality materials, which translates into their reliability and safety of use. We offer both new and used renovated elements. Our assortment includes used car bumpers, fenders, boot lids, door sills, and many other car parts. We have components that fit almost every car model, so everyone will find a product that meets their expectations. All customers are important to us, that is why, apart from selling car parts, we also offer professional advice and assistance in selecting individual elements. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Why is it worth using our company's services?

  • a wide selection of new and used car parts;
  • offer addressed to entrepreneurs and individual clients;
  • professional help and advice;
  • competitive prices.


Get to know our company

Feel welcome to watch the video about our company. The film was created to introduce you to the profile of our business and show what our daily work looks like. We presented the process of assembling a car bumper and showed the headquarters of our company. Thanks to this, you can get to know us even better!