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Boot lids

Boot lids are an integral part of the vehicle. They are usually made of solid and thick sheet metal because this part of the car is extremely vulnerable to all types of collisions. What is more, when choosing other body parts such as fenders or door sills, you should take into account the quality that directly affects the safety of passengers and pedestrians. A dent in the boot lid is a common problem after a crash - when it is minor, the problem is not that big. The only concern for the owner is aesthetics but it is worth keeping it impeccable. Minor faults caused by a collision can be repaired in a workshop. Repairing parking damages usually costs several hundred zlotys. We have to take into account the higher amount when the defect covers most of the boot lid area. Sometimes it will also need to be replaced.



Auta stojące tyłem


Replacing the boot lid should start with the purchase of a suitable copy. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact if its color exactly matches the color of the vehicle’s body. Otherwise, the fact of replacement will be visible to the naked eye which will be important not only during normal use of the car but also when it is sold. We can also try to look for a specific model in scrap metal stores or car services. However, it may not be easy to find an identical copy. It all depends on what lid we are looking for exactly. Sometimes it is easier to find one for a car which is several years old than for a completely new one. What is more, modern boot lids have many electronic systems, such as audible alarms. In the latest cars, the boots can be opened remotely using the car's remote control. Some brands are also investing in sensors that allow the boots to be opened with a movement of the leg. This is an interesting solution that allows for greater convenience, for example when shopping. However, it must be remembered that the more a part is packed with electronics, the higher the repair costs will be.