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Spoilers, kidney (grills)

Spoilers and kidney grills are elements of the car's body that not only improve its appearance but also perform other important functions. When deciding to buy these components, it is worth taking care of their appropriate quality and matching to a given car model. We offer used spoilers and kidney grills which we have previously renovated, restoring their former appearance and full functionality. As with car fenders, boot lids, or used car bumpers, we offer high-quality products made of metal and plastic, resistant to damage and weather conditions.


Grille samochodowe


The use of spoilers and kidney grills

Spoilers and kidney grills perform several functions. The main task of the grill is to protect the radiator. In addition, the cover has an aesthetic function. Car owners often decide to buy a designer element that will give the vehicle an interesting and unique look. Our offer includes kidney grills that can be adapted to almost every car model. We also have a wide selection of spoilers that are becoming more and more popular, especially among sports car owners. The purpose of this component is to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle, reduce air resistance, and prevent the car from rocking, which is especially important when driving fast. Spoilers also have a decorative function and their proper selection can significantly improve the appearance and design of the car.

Spoilers and kidney grills - we offer high-class components

Spoilers and kidney grills have many important functions. We offer a large selection of components that fit various car models. Feel free to visit our store.