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Door sills

Door sills are one of the products offered by our company. We sell reliable products characterized by high-quality workmanship as well as high durability and reliability. Each element of the car's bodywork is exposed to dents and other damage. Therefore, as in the case of car fenders or boot lids, the material from which door sills are made must be strong and durable. We work with both customers interested in wholesale and people who want to purchase individual items.


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What are door sills?

Door sills are a part of the car's bodywork that function as an overlay covering scratches and other possible defects caused when getting in and out of the vehicle. The installation of the door sill also allows for effective protection of the sill edges against corrosion and mechanical damage that occurs during the everyday use of the car. It is also an exclusive accessory that performs high aesthetic functions. After installing such an additional element, the car gains a new sporty character.