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Rear car bumper

The rear bumper is an important part of the bodywork of a car. Its main function is to ensure safety in the event of a collision or road accident. Therefore, when choosing this element, you should first of all be guided by functionality and the issue of security. One of the most important aspects that you should pay attention to when buying a rear bumper is its size, which should be ideally suited to the size of the vehicle. Only then is it worth taking care of the appropriate aesthetics that will harmonize with the style of the car. HCU Transport is a company that sells used car bumpers for almost all car brands available on the market. All our bumpers are subject to technical inspection and renovation so that our customers can be sure that the bumpers fulfill their function.


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Properties of the rear bumper


The rear bumper and the front bumper have many properties. The main one is to ensure safety during a road accident. The rear bumper absorbs the impact and softens its force. Thus, it protects both vehicle occupants and pedestrians involved in collisions. Moreover, the task of the rear bumper is to protect the structural elements necessary for the proper operation of the vehicle. This element also has an aesthetic function and can enhance the appearance of the entire car. Due to the above aspects, the bumper should be selected by specialists who will check its technical condition and select the appropriate product for the car model. Feel welcome to familiarize yourself with the wide range of our original bumpers.